Philip Marshall

Asset 1

Purity Supreme
Ash International, 2011

‘Always Already’ was a collaboration between French musician, composer and producer Christophe Van Huffel and American writer, musician and composer Leslie Winer, working together as Purity Supreme.

A striking record, the songs seem straightforward at first but are complex in structure and tone. When designing this 12” I wanted to emphasis its otherness by taking typical elements of cover art – lyrics, credits, imagery – and placing them where they would not usually be.

Leslie’s remarkable words are presented on the front cover as a misplaced lyric sheet. The inner sleeves are designed as if they were the outer. The rear cover presents an inverted ampersand, implying the initials ‘PS’ and also referring to the collaborative nature of the work. The photos on the inner sleeves, shot by myself in Berlin and Brooklyn, were chosen entirely at random.

‘It’s all good…’